Fude, Glorious Fude

Right from the start we knew we wanted to be more Old McDonald as opposed to Ronald McDonald.

V4VeggieWe told ourselves that in as far as we could, we would prepare, blend and make, roast, slice and bake as much of our food as we could to ensure that you people eat a good wholesome lunch.

So, what we decided to do was to make the finest & freshest sambos we could, wrap them up nicely and deliver them to people who wanted to eat hand-made & home-made food that was given a bit of thought and a bit of preparation.

Now look what we’ve created!!!!

Maybe it’s how we make all our own soups fresh each morning, right here in our kitchen? We poach our own chicken, roast our own turkey and bacon, blend our own dressings and sauces and make pestos that’d bring a tear to an Italian grannies eye.

We don’t do mortgages, taxis, hair-cuts or holidays but if it’s a freshly made sandwich, wrap, bap, salad, soup or sweet delivered to your door/desk then we think we can help.

Pleased to meet you, come on in, wipe your feet and read on but please don’t dribble on the key-board. You’ll do yourself a mischief.