From Humble Beginnings

We started off with nothing and we still have most of it left. We’ve been at it for a couple of years now and plenty have joined the gang, so we’ve got to believe we’re doing something right. There’s a story there somewhere.

…Once upon a time there was a young(ish) boy and a youngish girl who worked for a big evil employer who from now on shall be referred to as “The Man”. For more years than they care to remember they laboured and toiled so that “The Man” could make his money.

One day, on a beach far, far away, they decided that instead of working for “The Man” they should put their energies together and channel them into a business of their own. And that, boys and girls, is exactly what they did.

Having worked for ‘The Man’ in the restaurant industry, it seemed quite obvious food and customer service was their area of expertise. So, after much deliberation and debate FUDE company was born.

Monies were gathered and recipes made, premises found and many, many, oh God so many things organised. And so it was done and so it shall be, and that, buchalai agus cailini, is how came to be.

The End (Actually it’s only the beginning).